Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fantastic Start to a Fantastic Job

Well, my Professional Internship is off to a running start! I work with Disney Housing Operations as the Communications Intern for College and International Program Participants. I know, it's a long title! But to speak simply, I help communicate info to all the kids participating in the Disney College Program!

So how all do I do that? Well, I work on things like the weekly email, I design posters and marketing materials for all housing events, I make slides for the Housing TV station, "Housing the Magic" and I'm the event photographer! It's getting close to a month since I've started, and it feels like I've always been here. The housing team is amazing. They make me, along with the other 5 Event Planning Interns, feel like family.

My specific internship is with Internal Communications. Obviously, that job is all around property, in the parks, in resort operations, transportation, But being back at Housing with all the CPs is really quite a treat. I am meeting so many people, that it's sometimes hard to keep things straight!

Not only am I making amazing connections, I'm getting to do all sorts of behind the scenes meetings that I know wouldn't have been possible if I'd been anywhere else. I'm sure other locations are getting to do some awesome things as well, but not only am I in an office doing my work, I get to go on events like laser tag, the beach, baseball games, BINGO games, name a few! I've gotten to meet people in Entertainment, been friends with characters for the afternoon, met with people who design/install decorations for props in the parks on the East and West coast, been to developmental classes at Disney University, had communication meetings all over property, got trained on a Segway that we got to ride through EPCOT...phew! I'm probably forgetting many things...but we are kept busy!

Well the month of July is sort of the slow month for Housing, so I'm ready for the busy season to start! (I know I'll probably regret saying that in a month...) Fall CPs arrive all throughout's the biggest month for arrivals, so I'm ready for more to do! I cannot wait to see what is in store for me in the coming weeks!

Until then...just remember, that technically, I'm getting to do all of this because of one little mouse ;)

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