Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This semester, I am taking a pretty light load, as I'm nearing the finish line. I have Art Directions II, Watercolor, Editorial Illustration, and Illustration Techniques. I'm also in Exit Review, which only meets once a month, but it's meant to help prepare for graduation. We'll work on portfolios and resumes, that sort of thing.

So I've been doing a lot of watercolor work this semester, here's some quick pen and ink sketches done from a live model (who brought her daughter along...that was interesting!) Each sketch was done live in 10 minutes, with a quick watercolor wash on top.

I'll be posting more work from classes as I go along, hopefully it will get me to finally scan everything into my computer!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here I Go

Alright...it has been a decade since I've known about blogging, I figured, now is as good as any to start one up. It makes sense, my life is floating around, about to change drastically in...lets see, 84 days? Because in 85 days, I will be a new college graduate, and at the rate I'm going, I'll be packing up my little life in San Marcos, TX to travel 1,127 miles to Orlando, FL!

Why? Because of a dream. I've been dreaming of working for Disney for some time now. And it has already partially come true! Back in 2008, I started working at Walt Disney World in Florida on the Disney College Program. I loved every minute I was there, met so many great people, and learned so much about myself. When I returned home after 5 months, I missed it every day. It's February 2010, and still, I daydream about being back there all the time.

Of course I returned home to Texas so I could complete my degree, but I knew from then on that Disney was going to be in my future. No matter what. So upon my return, I joined my University's Disney Campus Rep team to help promote the program. I've been volunteering my time for over a year now, and love being connected to Disney from Texas.

As for the next step in my life, I will be applying for a Professional Internship within the month to hopefully go back to Florida and work in my field.