Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Flies...

...when you're having fun :) And fun is what I've been having! Seriously though, I cannot believe how quickly July went by, and that it is almost September. Arrivals have begun and already we've welcomed close to 2,000 new Cast Members, and there are still thousands more to come!

Well I have gotten to do some interesting things as of late. First of which, those of us on the environmentality team at Housing got together and headed to the Waste Management facility to learn some more about recycling. Apparently, Disney Imagineers came to the facility in order to do research for WALL-E! Here are some interesting photos!

Yay! Don't they look just like the blocks WALL-E makes? It made me happy! So here's a few things I learned about recycling that I didn't know before. First, you can't recycle all plastic, only bottle-neck-shaped things. Example, you cannot recycle the plastic cups you get at Starbucks, but regular water bottles you can. know the caps on water bottles? Or on milk cartons and juice cartons? You're supposed to take those off and trash them, because when plastic items are brought to the facilities, they are smashed by these giant rollers and those plastic caps will shoot off in all directions and are a safety hazard! (haha, my inner Cast Member is coming through!)

Let's see, another cool thing I got to do was have dinner at California Grill at Disney's Contemporary Resort! It is a fine-dining restaurant on the very top floor with a breathtaking view of the Magic Kingdom :) We had Casey's birthday dinner, and got to see the fireworks! Unfortunately, most of the pictures didn't show up because of the glare on the pictures cannot really do the view justice.

The food was so good! We shared gourmet cheese flatbread, each got some sushi, then had an oak fired fillet with broccolini! We ended the meal with Valrhona chocolate cake, and Mascarpone and Meyer Lemon Cheesecake! It was sooooo delicious :)

Recently when I was at Downtown Disney, I watched this awesome artist making glass sculptures. I would LOVE to learn how to do this one day!

Also, if I were super rich, I would totally buy this for my house :)

You see the price tag? $37,500?! AHHH! BEA-utiful. Anyway, let's see what else have I been up's some work I've been doing! The first is a painting I did for my Mom. I used gouache on loose leaf canvas.

I also have been doing a lot of event posters for the event interns. It's funny that the poster I've enjoyed making the most is the High School Musical one when I really can barely stand that movie.....haha

And speaking of the High School Musical Event, we got to film a promo for the Disney Housing TV channel HTM (Housing The Magic) where the event interns got cheerleader/basketball player costumes from Entertainment for the party. Here's some fun photos from the shoot!

Our latest Welcome Event was yesterday, and although it was pooring down rain, everyone had a good time! We even got some pictures with Belle and Chef Mickey!

Here's a pic of the gang at the Program Completion Celebration for Cultural Representatives in a gorgeous ballroom at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club! From left to right, it's Corey, Chris, Me, Bryan, Rachel & Marielle!

I had the pleasure of running into an old friend during arrivals! This is Libby. When I first became a Campus Rep back in 2009, she was my first recruiter! It was great to catch up with her, as she now works with DVC (Disney's Vacation Club).

....and now, speaking of DVC, my latest PI Spotlight was of a new Cast Member named Sarah. She works at the DVC Preview Center at Saratoga Springs. After I interviewed her, she took me on a tour of her area. Here's some DVC model rooms from Bay Lake Tower and Kidani Village! Then at the end, I passed by a model for Aulani, the new Resort in Hawaii! I hope I get to go visit one day!!!

Alright! Last but not least...MY TRIP HOME! I got to go back to Dallas, Texas for my best friend's wedding :) I got to stay with my Nana who lives in Garland, I got to see my Mom, and my sister! And even my little brother and my Daddy drove all the way from Austin to see me!!!! Pretty much, they drove in to have lunch HAHA but they surprised me at the airport. It was great to see family again :) I hadn't realized how much I've missed them all until I saw them!

I flew in Thursday so I'd have time to go to Kelly's Bachelorette Party! And then the following morning, we had a tea party!

The wedding, of course, was beautiful :) It was so great to finally see Kelly and Marcelo become Mr. & Mrs. Somers!!!!!

Well if there's one thing that this post has taught me...I have GOT to update more often! This was way too long hehe! But I'm glad I've now gotten to share what I've been up to here in Florida! :) And now, TGIF! I'm off to relax after a long few weeks! Bye!

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