Monday, May 31, 2010

New Beginnings

Well here I am in my new apartment in Kissimmee, Florida. I have been here for almost two weeks, and so far things are great! Except for the part where I'm kind of lonely :/ My future roomie isn't here yet, so I still have a couple weeks of waiting! Luckily my brother is down here as well, so we've been hanging out a lot. Disney World is only 15 minutes away, so we've already taken several spontaneous trips to the parks!!!

Right now cast members get in for free to the water parks...which I've never been to before! So we are going to try and plan a trip there one day soon...which will be easier now that I've quit my job at Coach. I've been working for Coach since 2007, so I got my job in Texas to transfer here to the Orlando store while I'm waiting for my PI to start. Due to a lot of things, mostly personal, I've decided it would be best to quit. Plus, I've been in school for five years, and I could really use a break from everything. I want to be at my very best when my PI starts, and a break will help me do that :)

As for my apartment, I finally got my closet...looking like a closet! My room is coming I just need to do my little art studio! I want to start painting again too. I think the next few things I'm going to do is a pen and ink of tomorrowland, and maybe a giant Cinderella's Castle!! I might re-read Harry Potter too. The 7th one. Because I've only read it once and I keep forgetting what happens! And I want to go to World of Harry Potter soon too! YAY!!! Maybe I'll paint the Hogwarts Castle? That would be cool! Ok, now I'm just being a nerd. Oh well.

Well Happy Memorial Day to everyone :) Bye!

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