Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

So one night a few weeks back I was bored, so I jumped onto my mac, launched Firefox and began Stumbling. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, allow me to shed some light. Stumbling, or technically StumbleUpon(SU), is a really cool search-like tool that lets you make a profile where you choose your interests. For example, mine is set for art, photography, animals, architecture, traveling....etc and then according to those interests, it sends you to random websites from around the world.

Anyway, the point, I was stumbling and came across a website called and a really cool concept called The Sketchbook Project. Their tagline is It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks. You sign up and have a sketchbook sent to you, then submit it so that it can tour the country with nearly 30,000 artists from 94 countries around the world!

I looked at the tour locations...and hey, one is in Winter Park, Florida, a half hour or so away from my house! So I could make this cool sketchbook and then go see it.... Hmmm. Where else do they go...San Francisco. I wonder if Dad could make it out there...and HEY LOOK!! They go to Austin as well! Now I really MUST do this, because I can make this cool little book and my family from around the USA can go and see it :)

The coolest part? Once the tour is over, all of the sketchbooks head home to the Brooklyn Art Library in New York! And even cooler, is that they will be creating a digital companion to accompany the Brooklyn Art Library! The website will contain high-resolution, professionally digitized versions of the sketchbooks for even more people from all over the world to see :)

I've finally got my new black sketchbook, and just tore it apart in order to bind better paper into it :) I'm really excited to get this started! The tour starts in February 2011!

In other news...not much has happened (event-wise) In November. The biggest thing was Night of Stars! I did get some great photos, and got do some awesome design work for it, so stay tuned for photos from that! We also had a bunch of Thanksgivings....lets see, we went to Busch Gardens, I went to my first NBA game and saw the Orlando Magic lose to the Utah, I turned 24 years old and due to a lot of things, my brother Casey went home early from his program and is now back in Austin, Texas.

I'm relieved that it is almost December, Leah and I got our tree up and a little deco as well! I just wish that the weather would stop being stupid and get out of the 80s! I want to wear cute scarfs to work, gosh! haha!

I can't wait for Mom and Nana to come visit in a few weeks! And then my old roomie Kathleen is coming! I also cannot wait for Candlelight Processional to start! I'm eager to take the stage and sing Christmas Carols with fellow cast members :)

I guess that is all for now!

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